Chanel Announces They Will No Longer Use Exotic Skins.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, Chanel announced on Monday that they intend to ban the use of exotic skins for good. Just one day before the French fashion house’s pre-fall Metiers d’Art show at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, their President of Fashion Bruno Pavlovsky stated they will “no longer use exotic skins in their future creations”, in a bold move that has already sent ripples through the industry.

Pavlovsky explained that the ban extends to crocodile, lizard, snake, and stingray, and also includes fur, the use of which Chanel has already majorly clamped down on recently, saying “The future of high-end products will come from the know-how of what our atelier is able to do,”.

The President went on to say that it was becoming increasingly difficult to source skins that met Chanel’s quality and ethical standards, and instead would focus on sourcing upcycled “agri-food” textiles to craft their cult-status pieces.

The house seems set on making changes and keeping au fait with the current climate of sustainability in fashion: “There is a problem of supply and that was not Chanel’s business anyway. We did it because it’s in the air, but it’s not an air people imposed to us. It’s a free choice” Pavlovsky told WWD.

By Katie Stalker from Positive Luxury