Donna Karan Hosts The CoutureLab Coalition.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The CoutureLab Coalition was launched during a cocktail reception hosted by Donna Karan at her iconic Urban Zen space in New York on September 26.

The initiative, made up of both people and businesses including Carmen Busquets, Livia Firth, Donna Karan, Petra Nemcova and Lucy Siegle, aims to foster sustainable practices and improve the lives of artisans and creatives in Latin America. It was formed following the sustainability-focused summit Omina, held in Costa Rica earlier this year, in recognition of the need to support artisans through collaborations and knowledge sharing.

The event also celebrated Carmen Busquets’ receipt of this year’s Fashion 4 Development Award at the First Ladies Luncheon earlier in the day.

The launch of CoutureLab Coalition is a natural progression of the professional journey of Carmen Busquets that encompasses all her interests from business entrepreneur, to philanthropist and WWF council member all the way back to her start in Latin America, forming a coalition of people and businesses interested in linking to each other and supporting each other.

Photos by Charlie Johnson