Esther Perbandt to showcase "To The Moon" at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Interdisciplinary fashion icon Esther Perbandt will collaborate with Feminista, the political perfume, at this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin on January 14th and 15th, presenting an installation of her new collection: “To The Moon” and introducing her limited partnership with Feminista - the first political perfume.

- The reception (by invitation only) will be this January 15th at 5:30 pm.

- A teaser film, produced by Feminista to celebrate 15 years of Esther Perbandt

- “The long-lost art of storytelling in Fashion and Beauty” – a talk between Geza Schoen and

Esther Perbandt.

- The installation of Esther Perbandt’s new Collection “To The Moon” that will take place on the14th and 15th of January.

2019 marked the 15th anniversary of fashion icon and interdisciplinary artist Esther Perbandt. To celebrate the occasion, Esther Perbandt, who is known for her collaborative approach, teams up with Feminista for a one of a kind introduction to her persona and creations.

What do Esther Perbandt, Geza Schoen and Feminista have in common? – A whole lot more than one might think. Not only was Esther Perbandt Germany’s first fashion designer that celebrated equal marriage rights with her “Say Yes!” collection, her work has long been known for an androgynous style that transmits her renowned sex appeal regardless of gender. In this year’s anniversary collection, however, she takes her relentless approach to perfection and empowerment a step even further.

Introducing “To The Moon”, a tale as old as time re-imagined anew, she complements the almost stern and deconstructed collection with beautiful organic, harmonious shapes, made from manipulated and molded leather. Future-facing technology, such as 3D printing and CNC milling, meets traditional leather craft processes, resulting in shapes that are inspired by the feeling that one could indeed fly to the moon.

Geza Schoen, rebel perfumer, has been fascinated since the beginning of his career with the idea of perfume as an artform, that can not only underline a personality, but be the epiphany of a vision – his vision – telling an olfactory story. Already with his “Beautiful Mind Series” – a counteroffer to a perfume for Paris Hilton – he set a new industry standard by painting an olfactory monument to smart women, by selecting Christiane Stenger, Germany’s most famous memory athlete, as his muse. When asked to create Feminista, he immediately jumped on the idea, effortlessly creating a polarizing and individual scent for all genders, diving deep into the history of scent to bring a whole new meaning to an often-misunderstood term - Feminista.

In their conversation on 15th of January, 5.30pm, Esther and Geza will explore their vision about storytelling in fashion and beauty and why this art is often lost in favor of commerce and trends. The guest list is limited to 150 attendees by invitation only. Admittance is on a first reserved, first served basis.

ABOUT ESTHER PERBANDT This year marks the 15th anniversary of Berlin-based label “esther perbandt“. Founder and namesake Esther Perbandt was born and bred in Berlin, toughened up in Moscow and polished in Paris. Not only is she a designer but also a visionary, performer and master of ceremonies. Esther Perbandt sees her fashion as an act of (post) feminism irrespective of gender: personality, autonomy and individuality are at the center of her style. The androgynous silhouette is deconstructed and reframed with classical menswear details. Interdisciplinarity is at the heart of Esther Perbandt’s work, as seen in countless cooperations on film, music and theatre projects, e.g. with Rammstein and their lead singer Till Lindemann, photographer Sven Marquardt, composer Sven Helbig, directors Nicholas Mockridge and Zoran Bihac as well as choreographer Sasha Waltz and conductor Theodor Currentzis. Dissolving boundaries and fostering connection through creation is the designer’s constant ambition and driving force.

ABOUT FEMINISTA Feminista was created by Geza Schoen designed to be the first political perfume in the world that advocates the disambiguation of feminism and strives to facilitate change in the fight for equality for all humans regardless of gender, sexual preference or heritage. Feminista is a perfume and a platform providing funding and visibility to projects underlining its vision. Polarizing with contrasting notes, the fragrance transports its wearer to a juxtaposition of emotions finding its true scent only through the individual character of is owner. Feminista was designed for all identities and it depends solely on the skin of its wearer, if it will hull you in warm notes of comfort or inspire with a fresh but bold note of absent regrets.


Perfumer Geza Schoen has a reputation as a rebel in the fragrance world. In 2001, disillusioned with the industry’s increasing commercialization, he resigned from his job at fragrance manufacturers, H & R in Paris and moved to London. There he met designers Brian Kirkby and Zowie Broach of Boudicca and worked with them for several years to create their fiercely individual scent; Wode. It was in London, in 2006, that he launched Escentric Molecules. Often described as the ‘anti-fragrance fragrance brand’. Throughout his career, Schoen has collaborated on conceptual projects such as Paper Passion, a fragrance with Steidl, Wallpaper* and Karl Lagerfeld; and worked with artists such as Wolfgang Georgsdorf, for whom he made 64 odors for Smeller, an olfactory organ that spectators can play like a piano to make aromascapes. When propositioned to collaborate for Feminista, Geza was immediately game. He saw a potential that was hidden even to us, when we came up with the idea. Geza said: “It has been years that someone has come up with a truly unique concept for perfume in the industry. All the perfumes that are new on the market year after year, bore me. The idea of Feminista was as much promising as challenging, because never in history has a perfume been created as a political statement with a strong backstory and a clear mission to become an agent of change.” Schoen took the cooperation serious. Every ingredient that went into the scent speaks of Feminist history and future, ensuring that it is as polarizing as it is comforting at times.