Seven Easy Things You Can Start Doing Now For A More Sustainable Wardrobe.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

1. Reevaluate your wardrobe - go back to your closet, create new combinations and new outfits with the clothes you already own.

2. Mend your clothes and shoes - sometimes it gets easier to just throw away but think about this, you will help the environment if instead you fix that zipper or button or sole that fell off.

3. Think timeless not trendy - if after reevaluating your closet, you find that you really are in need of a certain piece, then get if but only if you really think it will last you long, you will use it many times and it fits with your style.

4. Don't throw your clothes into the washing machine after 10 minutes of wearing them - try to give your clothes more use, denim and polyester are big polluters when we wash them. Not only do the chemicals used for washing pollute the water but also, when washing, some textiles release micro plastics that go straight into the ocean /river /lake, etc.

5. Don't throw away your clothes, find a place that can recycle them. If you need help with this, let us now. We can help if you're in the South Florida area.

6. Pass around the clothes you no longer want in your closet - the idea is to keep making use of the clothes we already have because if not they will go to landfills eventually polluting the ecosystems around. Clothes do not degrade easily specially certain fibers like polyester that do not degrade at all.

7. Buy sustainable - sustainable means several things from environmental to ethics. From the environmental point of view, for example, growing cotton is a big waste of water even when the fabric is organic. From the ethics perspective, you can find the Fair Trade certification on some brands or do some research about where your clothes have been made. Why? Because basically, this way you won't be contributing to modern slavery. In other words, make sure the human beings that make your clothes are treated and payed fairly. If a brand is not clear about the origin of their clothes, that is a red flag you might want to consider.

The most important thing is that we start shifting our fashion habits because the damage to the environment is very severe already.