The Design Process Becomes a Must to Examine Topic at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Recognizing the need to create a sustainable change in the industry, the Summit has introduced to its agenda the Design Studio. Design Studio is a platform that provides sustainable solutions in design, together with the platform of solution providers Innovation Forum and designers Prabal Gurung and Peter Copping on the advisory board.

“The summit has always been geared to ceo’s over the years and creative directors have always been the minority. From my experience, a lot of important decisions are in the hands of creative directors and designers and they can be a hard bunch to be swayed,” said Peter Copping.

“Sometimes I’d be presented with two similar fabrics, one sustainable, one that isn’t and sometimes the one that’s not is better. So it’s a real dilemma, but if creative directors were included in discussions and if sustainable materials weren’t just geared toward sportswear and the lower end of the market, there can be real change,” he then added.

Nike's Chief Designer Officer John Hoke said, “I believe that the future designer will be a citizen designer, very thoughtful of the project they are designing in the context of the ecologies they live in. To embed sustainability , which used to be a side course, and embed it in everything”.

Sustainability and Design Talk at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019

“We are endeavoring to create a common language between designers, suppliers and manufacturers to communicate effectively. It’s a shared commitment. Design plays a big role in helping to push sustainability beyond function. It needs to be functional, sustainable and beautiful simultaneously,” Hoke added.

Eva Kruse, founder and CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, the organization behind Copenhagen Fashion Summit, said “How a product is made is determined by a design team’s choice. You can have a ceo decide if they’re going to be sustainable, but if the design team isn’t backing it then you’re going nowhere”.

Design Studio at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019

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