Walmart, their supply chain, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Photos Property of Walmart

WALMART In 1962 the first Walmart was opened New business model that shaped American retail Its Founder was Sam Walton America's Best Seller He changed the way we buy The great billionaire He was once the richest man in the United States, even after he lost $ 1.5 trillion when the stock market collapsed in 1987. One of the most successful corporations in the world

Photos Property of Walmart

2.2 million employees worldwide 1.5 million, US USA (2017) 700,000 international 6,148 stores The largest private employer in the United States and Mexico, and one of the largest in Canada. Net income US $ 14,881 billion Total assets US $ 236,495 billion

Photos Property of Walmart

On March 17, 1992, the United States awarded Sam Walton the Presidential Medal of Freedom, his highest civilian honor, recognizing his contributions to the community and the country.

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