What Next For Fashion? The Leadership Trends That Are Driving Change.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019


Fashion is at a turning point. The world is changing, from how we consume to how we design and produce. There is increased recognition of the environmental and social impact of fashion.

For a fashion business to survive into this new era, true leaders are required.  

The CO Leadership Awards recognize the coming together of creativity and commerce to create businesses that not only lead in design but also in how they minimize impact on the environment and maximize benefits to people.

With criteria covering all aspects of a business from mission to product to impact the CO100, selected from over 700 entries, and the top CO10 represent some of the most inspirational leading fashion businesses out there.

While the winning businesses are all unique, there were clear trends that emerged as to why they are successful, sustainable leaders. These represent strategies for success for fashion businesses wanting to succeed across three key dimensions - commercial, social, and environmental.

Check here the six leadership trends from the CO Leadership Awards that will be driving the industry forward in 2019.

View all the CO Leaders and the CO10 at leaders.commonobjective.co.